Choosing the right DJ for your wedding day is an important decision...

There are several questions that you should ask before making your final choice of DJ.

Some of the most common questions clients ask me are listed below. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me!  

Frequently Asked Questions - Music
Can you describe your style?

I enjoy a wide variety of musical genres, including (but not limited to) funk, jazz, disco, EDM, R&B, crooners, trip hop, exotica, hip-hop, and the list goes on. However, when DJ’ing a wedding, I strive to play music that is appropriate to the musical tastes of your guests. I also want the newlyweds to be dancing and having fun - if you're having a great time, then so are the guests!

Can you help me choose the music for my processional, recessional, father-daughter dance, etc.?

Yes! As part of my process of learning about the musical tastes of my clients, we will discuss particular music selections for various parts of your wedding day soundtrack. I'm happy to make suggestions to you, or you can make your own song selections for your processional, recessional, reception entrance, couple's first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, garter toss, bouquet toss, etc.

Your final song selections list can be finalized well in advance, or you can make changes right up until a few days before the wedding. 

How extensive is your music library or song list? What genres can you cover?

I have a very extensive library of music that spans multiple decades and genres. This includes popular songs from the early, mid and late 20th century - ensuring that I have music for nearly any taste and age demographic. If your venue has WiFi, I can also access virtually any music imaginable online!

Do you take requests from our guests?

I will happily take requests from you and your guests! I like to be as responsive as I can be when it comes to requests, but depending on the number of requests received it may not be possible to play them all.

Can we submit a "Do Not Play" list?

Absolutely! If there are particular songs that you do not want played at your event, please notify me in advance so they can be avoided.

Frequently Asked Questions - Services
Can you provide wireless mics for the wedding ceremony, and speeches at the reception?

Yes - as part of my standard wedding DJ set-up, two (2) wireless microphones are available for you, your officiant, Master of Ceremonies and guests to use for vows, announcements, speeches, etc.

Are there any other services that you provide, such as lighting design or a photo booth?

All of my wedding DJ packages include basic lighting for the dancefloor. If you desire additional uplighting for the venue, I am happy to provide it for an additional fee. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Pricing
Do you have a rate sheet or package pricing we can review?

My rate sheet can be emailed to you for review and discussion. Please feel free to contact me via the contact form, and I'll be happy to forward it to you.

How much of a deposit do you require and when is it due? Do you offer a payment plan?

Generally, a 20% deposit is all that's needed to book me for your big day. Payment of the balance is not due until 7 days prior to your event. Partial payments can also be made at any time between booking and the event. I accept many forms of payment, including eTransfers and major credit cards.   

What if we decide to keep our party going longer than we had originally agreed?

As long as your reception venue is OK with you extending your reception party, I'll be happy to keep your guests dancing the night away! (Additional time comes with additional cost, of course).